Our Aims

Together Everyone Achieves More

At Tycroes Primary School our aims are:

  • to ensure that each pupil is received into a welcoming and secure atmosphere where he or she will be given the opportunity to develop intellectually, culturally, emotionally, socially, morally, spiritually and physically.
  • to create high standards of learning experiences for all children, and to provide them with access to all areas of the National Curriculum.
  • to create a lively and stimulating environment within the school.
  • to create a partnership with parents, so that the school and parents can work together in the interests of the pupils.
  • to create a caring environment so that everybody in the school feels a sense of worth personally, and that they have a role to play in the development of the school.
  • to foster close links with the Governing Body the Local Education Authority, and to develop a positive place for the school in the local community.
  • to develop the self-esteem of everyone involved with the school, so that they can feel positive about themselves, about what they do and about the school.
  • to provide a caring, secure and stimulating environment where all pupils can gain the confidence to develop holistically, realise their full potential and be inspired to become lifelong learners within the 21st Century.